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PovicNation is a Independent Arts Collective, Based in Raleigh, NC.  P.OV.IC is a acronym that stands for Peace, Love & Music, a message that drives the art and artist of PovicNation to create high quality empowering productions.  PovicNation is home to 35 artist, and continues to innovate the art industry with creative projects in all forms.  PovicNation also takes the initiative to provide other independent / underground artist with opportunities and services to improve their brand and artistry. PovicNation prides itself on its social responsibility of empowering the others of their generation.  With all of their artist being under 27, and their CEO only being 21, they aspire to represent their generation correctly. PovicNation currently donates 10% of all sales, to their long list of charities. They also gave $3,000 to school art programs last year and plan to double that this year.  PovicNation is a rare brand, they own's, produce's and distribute's all of their projects / events independently with a promise to keep it that way.


" We Want To Change The World " 

- Kings & Queens 2014 Campaign


- Love Monday Campaign On Instagram 3/31


- The Culture Development Project Week 1 


- The Carolina Raps Mixtape 


- The Beauty Of Face Project 


- #WhyiLoveMyArt Series 


- ThePovicNetwork


- " Fighters " Apparel 


- PovicNation x TrendSettersNY


- Adoria B. - " Audio Soul "


- Rasta B " Generation Freedom "


- Kristina Allen " Venting Process






- Beauty Of Face Photo Shoot


- PovicNation in Atlanta 4/7/2014 


- The Culture @ Havoc Night Club ( 2/ 18 )


- The Cypher @ Estate Boutique ( 2/20)


- The Culture : Music & Fashion Expo ( 2/22 )


- TopBottom @ The Loft 


- Carolina Raps Concert


- All Over NC Concert 


- Art Explosion ! 


- PovicNation Release Artist Introduction Videos / Announces Artist Roster


- PovicNation lands on front page of Triangle.com 


-PovicNation Receives Recognition From News & Observer & The Bizness TV


- PovicNation Announces " Fighters " Apparel Line 


- PovicNation Announces New Line Of Merchandise


- PovicNation Announces " #Kings&Queens2014"


- PovicNation Renews Karma Loop Sponsorship


- PovicNation Receives Recognition From Google Corp.