PovicNation is a Independent Arts Collective, Based in Raleigh, NC.  Home to a 31 artist, they work together to create high quality art products, and provide clients with outstanding custom media. PovicNation launched in 2012,  " POVIC" a acronymn for the principle of Peace, Love & Music. "  The basis in which PovicNation artist live and create.


Along with art products - PovicNation has become notorious for supporting local causes, charities, and artist; Creating alternative platforms for independent brands to expand, Producing festivals, events, showcases, and maintaining a clean cut brand that positively represents the current generation.  


PovicNation owns, distributes, and produces all of their products independently. 



  • PovicNation Announces Expansion Efforts For DC & ATL Areas. 
  • PovicNation Announces Casting Call
  • PovicNation Releases " Black Is Beautiful "Photo Set.
  • PovicNation Receives Recognition From TwentyJeans
  • PovicNation Renews Arizona Beverage Company Sponsorship
  • PovicNation Release Artist Introduction Videos / Announces Artist Roster
  • PovicNation lands on front page of Triangle.com 
  • PovicNation Receives Recognition From News & Observer & The Bizness TV
  • PovicNation Announces " #Kings&Queens2014"




featured video - josh & julio The Poet -  "ghost face  killaz" dir.  by king phill / shot  by thomas richardson


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@povicnation  -  Povicthegroup@aol.com  - 919.840.8767.  -  4413 Embleton Dr. Raleigh, NC

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anaconda dance video 

By Raven Nicole

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